Boutique Pattes d’Amour

Everything to make your dog happy!

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Boutique Pattes d’Amour

Everything to satisfy Miss Kitty!

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Boutique Pattes d’Amour

Treat them with love!

Boutique Pattes d’Amour

Everything for your adventures!

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About us

Boutique Pattes d’Amour

Boutique Pattes d'Amour is the perfect place to find an outstanding variety of quality products for your pet.

In our opinion, an animal’s well-being begins with optimal nutrition and proper physical and mental stimulation. This is why every product that we have in our store has been well researched and thoughtfully looked into before ever reaching our shelves.

Boutique Pattes d'Amour specializes in biologically appropriate food for dogs and cats. You will be pleased with our impressive variety of raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried food and kibble for all tastes and budgets. You will also find a wide selection of toys, treats and supplements suitable for your pet.

Boutique Pattes d'Amour also carries high-quality accessories for dogs, including a large inventory of assorted leashes, harnesses, coats and educational equipment.

Boutique Pattes d'Amour offers you a superior shopping experience, not only with its excellent selection of products, but also by providing you with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our experienced team will be happy to help you with personalized advice, because the well-being of your pet is our priority.


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